Toy Fish

The Toy Fish was released to Fish with Attitude players on September 7 2012 as part of a special limited edition fish for your Fish with Attitude tanks. This was released days after the Turtle Event expired. This fish has its own “Special” trait, just like normal Limited Edition fishes in Fish with Attitude and the creator hints that there is a special requirement to obtaining this fish.

The Toy Fish is definitely a joyful fish to see in your tank and is definitely highly sought after by top breeders. You can purchase the Toy Fish in the market for a low price of 453 pearls and have it swim in your Fish with Attitude tank like no other. It will pair nicely with other fishes and is definitely cool to have since it’s a limited edition fish.

” Why not clown around with this funny limited-edition fish, and get him in your tank before September 19th!” - Fish with Attitude: Toy Fish Description

Fish with Attitude: Toy Fish Key Feature

  • Funny looking fish
  • Extremely colorful
  • Definitely a must have fish for your tank!

'Fish with Attitude: Toy Fish 'Breeding guide

The Toy fish is an special fish and is expected to be rare to breed. It is hinted by the game creators that the fish will use a Funny Fish and a Clown Fish. Gameteep members and players will try to confirm the combination to ensure that you save time and get the correct breeding combination. The combination suggested above is unconfirmed.

Will update soon.

Players have confirmed that breeding the Funny Fish  and the Clown Fish will give you the Toy Fish. This combination was suggested by the developers and it has been proven to be successful. Please do not try to use other combinations as it might not really give you this limited edition fish.

The breeding is 8 hours when using your breeding tank. Once the breeding has been completed, the egg hatching time is only 4 hours.