The Store is located in the bottom right hand corner of the in game screen.


Screenshot of Fish with Attitude game.

==In the store==

A. Treasures - Like in Happy Aquarium, the player can buy coins and pearls with real money, rather than Facebook Credits.

B. Baby Fish - There are many types of fish with in the game. Some cost coins (basic attitudes) while others cost pearls (complex attitudes.) If there's a padlock next to a fish, you must wait for another level before you can buy it. So far, there are 6 basic attitudes of fish you can purchase with coins and many different combinations of fish purchasable with pearls

C. Decor - There are many types of decorations. You can purchase them from the store or try digging for them, using the dig function on individual fish. Some decorations that you obtain through digging cannot be bought. These make your tank look nicer and increase your tank decor percentage. A tank with a decor percentage of 100 increases the happiness of all fish within the tank. Within each additional tank the decor percentage decreases for each decoration.

D. Tanks - Here is a formal way to purchase extra tanks. The price of each tank increases eventually reaching a cost of 1.5 million coins. So far, all new tanks are only purchasable by the free golden coin currency within the game. And so far nine tanks are purchasable, excluding the first.

E. Toys - Toys are important to increase fish happiness. Each fish has a specific toy that they prefer and want within their tank. You can either purchase these from the store at the cost of pearls or, you can take a risk and use the dig function on an individual fish to dig for the toy. (*Note- Say you're looking for the "Stout Sheild", it is not required that you use a fish whose favorite toy is the "Stout Sheild" to dig one up. The toys are awarded randomly and very in rarity.)

F. Sand & Wallpaper - From the store you can purchase sand and wallpaper for your fish tank. These increase your decor percentage. As of right now, there is no way to tell what percentage your decor will increase by.