Creative Fish Edit

The Creative Fish is the last basic fish (6th) you obtain in the game. And is bought for 900 coins, and MUST be bought before being able to breed any fish with the Creative trait.

In Game Description Edit

"Incredible ideas float through this fish's mind like bubbles on a wave. Now if only they could focus, they'd be the most famous fish around!"

How To Obtain Edit

  • Buy at the market for 900 coins at lvl. 13.


  • Breed two Creative Fish at the Breeding Shell.

How To Tell If You Got A Creative Fish Edit

  • When you try to speed up the process, it will show you how long it is taking, and how many pearls to speed up the breeding process, the time should be 30 minutes and two (2) pearls to speed up.
  • Incubation time should be 30 minutes and two (2) pearls to speed up.
  • The egg should be a 'deep' white.

Appearance Edit

  • Holding a pencil in one fin and a clip board in the other.
  • Light purple, turquoise and pink 'creative stripes'.
  • A more female than male look.
  • Long eyelashes.
  • Most fins aren't connected to its body.

Favourite Toys Edit

  • All fish can have any favourite toy, but the Creative Fish will normally like:

Marvellous Note

Disliked Fish Edit

  • All fish can have different disliked fish, including the Creative Fish.
  • The disliked fish cannot be the favourite fish as well.