Who could have thought that there would be Astronauts in Fish with Attitude tanks? We certainly didn’t. The Astronaut fish is simply amazing and ready to launch itself into space – or out of the tank anyways. When you first see the astronaut fish you will notice that it carries a helmet, even though they are under water. This helmet grows with his baby form which evolves into an entire adult suit when it becomes an adult – and at no extra cost! Definitely worth breeding.

“Reach for the stars! When the tank manages to build its first rocket, this is the mighty fish who will ride it into the heavens. Houston, we are go for launch!” - Fish with Attitude: Astronaut Fish Description

Fish with Attitude: Astronaut Fish Breeding guide

The Astronaut fish is three trait fish that requires three specific traits to be bred in your Fish with Attitude game. The traits for this fish is a Smart Trait, Creative Trait and a Nice Trait. This means you need any fish with the Smart Trait, Creative Trait and a Nice Trait to be successful at breeding the Astronaut Fish.

Confirmed combination are Wizard Fish and Salesman Fish. Recommended combination include Creative Fish and Funny Fish.

Fish with Attitude: Astronaut Fish Evolution Guide

In Fish with Attitude, fishes evolve when you tap on your first feed. Each fish will have a set time that will finish it’s “growing” status in their profile after you have fed him once.

Fish with Attitude: Astronaut Fish Earnings [Per Minute]

You can raise your earnings per minute for your fish in Fish with Attitude by tapping on their profile then training them. Once you pay for the training it will take a certain amount of time before the training is complete. Once it does your earnings will raise.

  • Baby astronaut fish
  • Adult astronaut fish